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قلبي قلبكم (My Heart is Your Heart) by Mohamed Chamas


قلبي قلبكم (My Heart is Your Heart)  unveils five personas who inhabited a strange enclave known as Here. Their personal rituals, cosmologies and experiences are revealed through poetic form. 

Ensouled by the voices of Francis Hadid (The Shepherd), Habib Chamas (The Architect), Manisha Anjali (The Jeweler), Mohamed Chamas (The Extractor), and Srikandi  (The Herbalist) 

And blessed with non-lingual, musical
vocalizations by Aynur Fana.
Co-Editors:  Habib Chamas, Srikandi

A Freeplay 2021 Series Commission.

Created with support from the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria and the Victoria Together Commissioning Program.

This project was developed in Australia, on land belonging to the Kulin nation. We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which development takes place.


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